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We offer individualized care for all of our clients.

We prioritize our clients’ overall wellness. For this reason, we combine a wide array of personal care services in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota to make sure they receive the right types and levels of support they need. Our care professionals are well-trained in assisting individuals with medical or mental health issues and those who require help with their daily living activities. Each staff member understands the importance of supportive care in maintaining and improving clients’ independence. Thus, while we are always available to help, we also respect their ability to do certain tasks on their own.

We offer the following services:

24-Hour Supervision and Assistance
– Our staff is available 24/7, so whenever a client needs assistance at any part of the day, they can receive appropriate support. Our staff members work in shifts, so clients can rest assured that our care professionals are well-rested and alert whenever their help is needed. They have also undergone training in addressing clients’ unique needs.
Health and Wellness Programs
– Health and wellness management does not only impact individuals’ physical health, but it also affects emotional, social, and behavioral wellness. We customize our health and wellness activities to each client’s health condition to ensure that they can keep up and enjoy the routines and other movements during exercise and other activities.
Housekeeping and Maintenance
– A clean living environment goes a long way in promoting clients’ good health; since it lessens the possibilities of allergic reactions due to dust and other possible illnesses. It also keeps the client safe since areas that normally pose great risks for falls and accidents (like walkways, bathrooms, and stairs) are managed and monitored.
Meals and Dining Services
– A well-balanced meal is essential in helping an individual receive the right amount of vitamins and minerals from their food. For this reason, we carefully create meal plans that cover food considerations, including nutrients, possible allergies, and taste. Taste and variety are also important since for the individual to get the intended health benefits, they also need to finish their food. We also offer feeding assistance for those who need it.
– Our clients are managing health issues. They need to meet their doctors for their regular check-ups and treatment. As a care provider, we want to ensure our clients’ safety. For this reason, we also offer transportation assistance. We have vehicles that are suitable for their needs road and drivers and staff that can get them to their destinations comfortably and safely.
This service is not only limited to health appointments. To find out more about our transportation service, please get in touch with us.
Medication Management or Assistance
– Since we primarily cater to the needs of individuals with medical or mental health issues and need daily living care assistance, many of them take medications regularly to manage their symptoms. Medications need to be taken on the correct dosages and at the right schedules so the individual can reap their intended benefits. For this reason, we offer medication reminders and assist them with medication intake if they need help.
Personal Care Services
– Personal care and hygiene management play a huge part in promoting the comfort of our clients. For this reason, we offer a wide array of daily living care based on each client’s needs. Our services may include bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, mobility assistance, and more. Since each client’s needs are different, the personal care assistance differs based on their personalized care plan.

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